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You can reduce stress and relieve pain...


AT gives you an improved sense of well-being, increased relaxation, coordination, ease of movement, heightened muscle strength, increased flexibility, enhanced equilibrium, decreased physical tension and stress, and improved sensory awareness.

The rewards can be deep and far-reaching. Many students often achieve greater control over themselves and the events in their daily lives. They often cultivate an increase in powers of observation and develop a much sharper sense of self-awareness.

Jan McKenna, M.AmSAT Certified teacher of the Alexander Technique


Who Can Benefit From the Alexander Technique?


People dealing with any of the following physical problems:

back and neck pain,

shoulder pain,

tension headaches,

chronic tension,

knee pain,

hip pain,



shortness of breath,



rounded shoulders,

sway back,

carpal tunnel syndrome,

and many other problems that are caused by misusing the body.

Others who derive great benefits from the Alexander Technique include people whose occupations can cause poor postural habits such as surgeons or computer operators; people who need to use their bodies with maximum efficiency such as dancers, athletes and musicians, and those who are experiencing new aches and pains due to aging, pregnancy or accidents.


How Long Does it Take?


Any skill demands commitment on the part of both the teacher and the student. The average person attains the most benefit from a series of 30 lessons, though the length necessary depends on the person. Lessons last from 30 to 45 minutes and are conducted on a one-to-one basis.


What Is It?


The Alexander Technique (AT) is a practical, holistic self-help method. The way you use your body affects your daily activities. By changing how you think about movement, you can go through your day with the least amount of tension necessary.

What Are the Benefits?

Jan McKenna